Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Mmmmm cookies. I love cookies – Chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal, snickerdoodles, etc. This is definitely the best chocolate chip cookie recipes I have ever made. I get asked to make these cookies for my family Christmas and lots of other get togethers. I hope you love it as much as my family does!

This recipe is adapted from the Betty Crocker New Cookbook.


Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
40 mins
Total Time
50 mins

The best chocolate chip cookies recipe I have ever made. Firm on the edges but still soft in the middle. Simple to make and delicious to eat! My family loves these and anyone can make them!

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Servings: 4 dozen cookies
Author: Julie Clark
  • 3/4 cup Sugar
  • 3/4 cup Brown Sugar, packed
  • 1 cup Butter, softened
  • 1 Egg, large
  • 2 1/4 cups All Purpose Flour
  • 1 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 pkg (12 oz) Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips (2 cups)
  1. Heat oven to 375oF.

  2. Mix sugars, butter and egg in large bowl.

  3. Stir in flour, baking soda and salt - dough will be stiff.

  4. Stir in chocolate chips.

  5. Drop by rounded tablespoonfuls about 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheet. (I use a cookie scoop for evenly sized cookies)

  6. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until light brown (centers will be soft). Cool slightly; remove from cookie sheet. 

  7. Cool on wire rack.

Recipe Notes

Remove the cookies when the edges start to turn brown. They may not look like they are finished baking but they will harden as they cool.

I love my cookie scoop, airbake nonstick cookie sheets and stackable wire cooling racks. The airbake cookie sheets are my favorite as they lessen the chance of burning the bottom of your cookies. If you don't have these items, you may want to invest - although they are inexpensive to purchase.

A lot of time I double this recipe and I usually lessen the baking time as I go. Watch timing for your oven. I usually start mine around 8 minutes 30 seconds and as I get close to finishing my first batch, I usually lessen the time about 10-15 seconds.


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